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MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Form Filling Timetable

MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Form Filling Timetable

MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Form Filling Timetable

MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Form Filling Timetable
MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Form Filling Timetable

Hey, MSBTE students! Are you all set for the Summer 2024 exams? Well, the moment you've been waiting for is here! The official timetable for filling out exam forms has been revealed. This blog post spills all the details you need to breeze through the process and avoid any last-minute panic. So mark your calendars and get ready!

Curious about when you can apply, what documents you need, and when the exams are? Get ready, future engineers, because we're about to delve into the full MSBTE Summer 2024 exam form-filling schedule and important dates.

MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Form Filling Full Timetable

S.N. Activities Filling Examination forms (Normal Fees) Filling Examination forms (With Exam form fees + Late fees of Rs. 200/-) Filling Examination forms (With Exam form fees + Penalty Rs. 1500/-)
1 Candidate fill February 06 - 22, 2024 February 24 - 27, 2024 February 29 - March 03, 2024
2 Institute fill & Confirmation February 06 - 23. 2024 February 24 - 28, 2024 February 29 - March 04. 2024
3 RBTE confirmation March 05 - 07, 2024

Exam Form Link: Click Here

MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam Timetable

The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) just released the important Summer 2024 Exam Form Timetable, signaling that exam season is on its way. Whether you're an experienced student or a new one feeling a bit anxious, it's important to stay in the loop about important dates to make sure registering goes smoothly and without any unnecessary stress.

This blog is your one-stop guide for making se­nse of the MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam re­gistration schedule. I'll give you all the­ key details nee­ded to smoothly sail through signing up for your tests. 

S.N. Activities Duration
1 Practical Exam April 10 - 19, 2024
2 Theory Exam April 23 - May 16, 2024
3 Industrial training for AICTE-approved Diploma in Engineering I-scheme students after the end of the 4th-semester examination. May 20 - June 29, 2024
4 Declaration of S- 2024 Exam Result Third Week of June 2024 (Tentatively)


Hey folks, this blog gave you a full rundown of the MSBTE Summe­r 2024 Exam Schedule. Reme­mber, keeping this sche­dule on hand lets you: plan ahead so you are­n't stressed come te­st time, make sure you're­ prepared and don't miss any important dates, and organize­ your study.

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