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PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical No. 1 Solved

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical No. 1 Solved
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PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION (312002) Manual Practical No. 1 Solved

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical No. 1 Solved
PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical No. 1 Solved

Practical No. 1: Communication Process and Cycle Answers

  • Practical Significance

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any society or organization, serving as a vital tool for interaction and progress. Its significance permeates every facet of an individual's personal, professional, or social life. Notably, proficiency in communication often correlates with accelerated career advancement. This is particularly pertinent for engineers, who dedicate a substantial portion of their time to communication-related tasks. In this context, this learning experience has been designed to encourage the learners to communicate effectively in the workplace.

  • Required Resources

Sr. No. Name of the Resources Specifications Qty
1 Language Learning Software/computer with headphones and internet facility With facility for listening, speaking, reading, writing, and recording 01system for each student
2 Free Online Learning Resources Videos/ Audio/ Text Content/ Web Application
3 Printer Laser 01 for a batch
4 Projector / Smart Board and Relevant Charts - 01 for a batch

  • Practical related questions
1. Write the importance of professional communication in 4 to 5 sentences.

Communication in the workplace is essential because it increases employee confidence, engagement, productivity, and happiness. Communication is also key to better team collaboration and cooperation. Eventually, effective workplace communication enables better results for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Good communication in the workplace assures employees have the knowledge they need to perform excellently, builds a positive work atmosphere, and eliminates inefficiencies. Effective communication should accurately express information while keeping or enhancing human relationships.

2. Draw communication cycle.


PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION (312002) Manual Practical No. 1 Solved

3. Use any two real-life communication situations and explain the communication process.


Priya is a sales manager who wants to request a more extensive department-wide budget for the next fiscal year. To get her allotment approved, she is required to go through the proper communication process. She takes the following steps:

Step 1: Priya must set her budget idea before she can send it out.
Priya determines the key stakeholders that are required to authorize her budget. They include the CEO and investors of the company.

Next, she summarizes key details she requires to share to persuade her boss about her message:

She requires the extra funds to stay competitive.
The extra budget will elicit a strong return on investment.

Step 2: Priya encodes the message.

Priya understands the receiver of these details, her CEO, very well. He prefers information that connects to the big-picture corporate goals. Her boss is also a very busy man; thus, she is required to schedule a convenient time when he will not be diverted by other operational concerns. To convince him of the importance of her budget proposal, she is required to provide him with proper statistics and data.

Step 3: Priya must select the channel of communication that she will use.

Priya chooses that the best way to get her budget authorized is via a face-to-face presentation.

Step 4: Priya's message travels over the channel of communication.

Priya delivers her presentation at the company's monthly board conference.

Step 5: Priya's CEO receives her budget request during their meeting.

Step 6: Priya's CEO decodes the message.

The directors on the board ask her questions about her extra budget proposal. They review her statistics and discuss her presentation amongst themselves.

Step 7: Priya's CEO provides feedback.

After the presentation, Priya looked over the comments made and thought about how she could use their input in future budget recommendations.
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