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PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical 2 Solved

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical 2 Solved
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 PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical 2 Solved

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical 2 Solved
PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical 2 Solved

Practical No. 2: Role Plays and Group Discussion

I. Practical Significance

Group discussion (GD) serves as a multifaceted evaluation tool employed in various contexts. Its purpose extends beyond mere assessment of knowledge, delving into the realms of cognitive processes, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal dynamics within a group setting. By observing participants' thoughts, feelings, and actions, GD provides a comprehensive insight into their overall personality and suitability for different scenarios. Similarly, role play offers a practical approach to honing conversational, negotiation, and debate skills by simulating real-world situations. 

Through participation in role-play activities, individuals develop teamwork, cooperation, and confidence in expressing themselves on stage. This learning experience will encourage learners to explore different modes of communication through group discussion and role play, thereby enhancing participants' ability to communicate effectively within the workplace environment.

II. Procedure

1. Students are guided to know the basics of group discussion/role play referring to online or print resources.
2. The group is formed and time is allowed to explore the topic/situation
3. Students should make notes/scripts related to the topic based on brainstorming
4. A lead participant initiates the discussion and the narrator opens the role play.
6. Participants in the group express their views on the given topic and participants enact the roles assigned to them.
7. One of the participants concludes the discussion by summarizing the content.
8. The teacher evaluates overall group dynamics and performance.
9. Submit the assignment.

III. Practical related questions

1. Select a topic for your group discussion/role play.


Topic: Role-play Example for Workspace: Conflict Resolution

Stick the pictures of your group role-play performance:

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION 312002 Manual Practical 2 Solved

2. Make notes based on the topic/paste the print of your script.

Answer : 

Scenario: Two coworkers, Sarah and Michael, are working on a project jointly. Sarah has been feeling frustrated with Michael's deficiency of responsiveness to her messages and missed deadlines. Today, during a team meeting, the tension boils over.


  • Sarah: A detail-oriented and organized individual who loves clear communication and collaboration.
  • Michael: A clever and independent worker who sometimes struggles with meeting deadlines and replying promptly to emails.
  • Manager: A supportive and understanding leader who encourages conflict resolution within the team.


(The team meeting is in progress. Sarah and Michael are presenting their improvement on the project.)

Sarah: (Looks pointedly at Michael) As you can see, I've finished my assigned tasks on time and submitted them for your review. Yet, I haven't heard back from you, and it's slowing the project timeline.

Michael: (Defensive) I know, I apologize for the wait. I've been busy with other projects and haven't had the chance to review your work yet.

Sarah: (Frustrated) But this project is due next week! We discussed this before, and it was agreed upon that we would review each other's work by this point.

Michael: (Raises his voice) Look, I'm doing the best I can. You don't need to micromanage me.

Manager: (Intervenes calmly) Sarah, Michael, let's take a step back and concentrate on discovering a solution. Sarah, can you tell me more about what you need from Michael to move forward with the project?

Sarah: I need him to review my work and provide feedback so I can make any necessary changes before the deadline.

Manager: Michael, can you commit to reviewing Sarah's work by tomorrow afternoon?

Michael: (Hesitates) I can try, but I have another meeting then.

Manager: Perhaps we can adjust your schedule to accommodate this review? The project must stay on track.

Michael: (Sighs) Okay, fine. I'll review it by tomorrow afternoon.

Manager: Sarah, is there anything else you need from Michael to feel satisfied moving forward?

Sarah: Yes, it would be beneficial if he could speak more frankly and promptly about any issues or waits he encounters.

Manager: Michael, do you think you can commit to better communication with Sarah in the future?

Michael: I understand. I'll try my best to keep her informed.

Manager: Great. Remember, open communication and collaboration are key to our victory as a team. Let's persist in working together to ensure this project is a success.

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